Plant Based Shrimp: All You Need To Know

In this day and age, many people are opting for plant-based or “vegan” diets. They’re swapping traditional foods for plant-based versions, from burgers to plant-based seafood.

One of the best plant-based seafood options out there is none other than vegan shrimp.

It’s delicious, whether you’re opting to coat it in coconut flakes and breadcrumbs to mimic coconut shrimp or use one of your other favorite shrimp recipes.

But if you’re new to the world of vegan shrimp, you might be scratching your head. What is this nifty product, and what is it made of? What brand has the best products?

Discover everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about plant-based shrimp below.

What Is Plant-Based Shrimp?

Plant-based shrimp is exactly how it sounds: a vegan-friendly swap for “real shrimp.” It combines a multitude of ingredients to help mimic the flavor and texture of the real deal.

Which ingredients are used to make up the plant-based shrimp depends mainly on which brand you decide to purchase.

Regardless, the goal is to come as close as possible to real shrimp products.

The good news is that replicating “seafood” into vegan-friendly items is much easier than other meats.

So, if you haven’t been a fan of plant-based meat, you might consider trying plant-based shrimp. You may be wildly impressed and end up with your mind blown.

What Is Plant-Based Shrimp Made Of?

Plant-based shrimp are typically made with mung bean protein, konjac powder, and seaweed. However, the ingredients will change depending on brands and recipes.

For example, a coconut-crusted version will include vegetable root starch, gluten-free flour, paprika, brown sugar, and coconut sugar. 

Traditional breaded shrimp that can be baked or fried and served with a slew of sides like cocktail sauce will be made with potato starch, rice flakes, and more.

Top Plant-Based Shrimp Brands

Now that your mouth is watering, you’re likely wondering which brands are the best to buy. After all, you don’t want your first purchase of plant-based shrimp to be a bust. 

Here are the top three brands to consider when buying this type of plant-based meat.

New Wave Foods

New Waves Foods is, without a doubt, the leader when it comes to plant-based shrimp. 

They offer two types of products: breaded and unbreaded plant-based shrimp, which allows you complete control over your recipes.

New Wave shrimp is 100% vegan, sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, and safe for those with shellfish or soy allergens to consume. They’re kosher and downright delicious, too!

If you’re someone who likes to bring their favorite recipes to lift, New Wave Foods is highly recommended. They even offer samples for those that aren’t entirely on board yet.

Sophie’s Kitchen

Sophie’s kitchen is known for its delicious breaded products, including breaded shrimp!

Their breaded shrimp is impressively crunchy and the ideal option for many recipes, from curries to fish tacos.

Plop these breaded shrimp pieces on top of your preferred type of tortilla, and cover it with toppings and a squeeze of lemon juice. So tasty.

Mind Blown

If you really want your “Mind Blown” when eating plant-based products, consider shopping for Mind Blown seafood – including the shrimp.

Mind Blown shrimp comes in “dusted” and “coconut” varieties, taking all of the hard work out of getting perfectly crisp and delicious pieces for your recipe.

Where To Buy Plant-Based Shrimp?

You know which brands to look for; but where? Luckily, vegan shrimp can be found in many of your favorite stores across the globe. Here are a few stores to consider checking out.


Walmart is a big box store where you can find anything, including plant-based shrimp. They will likely have all of the brands listed above. 

The best part is that it will be easy to find in the frozen food section. Or, you can create an order and pick it up (at most locations).


Sprouts is known for being a grocery store emphasizing health, so it’s not surprising that they sell vegan-friendly shrimp and other seafood options.

Head over to Sprouts if you want to swap your regular shrimp for the vegan variety.

Don’t forget to check out their selection of delicious fruits and vegetables to munch on as a side dish for your “faux” shrimps.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is similar to Sprouts, as they are also on a mission to provide healthier options to the public.

That said, this popular grocery store will likely have plant-based shrimp on hand. Search through the frozen food aisle.

On your hunt, you’re going to find plenty of vegan-friendly options. Don’t hesitate to add some other vegan goodies to your cart before checkout!


Can I Eat Vegan Shrimp if I’m Allergic to Shrimp?

One of the best things about vegan shrimp is that they are 100% safe for those with shellfish allergies to consume!

Since plant-based shrimp does not include any crustaceans, you can munch on this fake seafood without worrying about an allergic reaction.

Obviously, this type of shrimp is the gateway to new recipes and flavors for those with allergies, which is super cool

Is Plant-based Shrimp Good?

Before buying a food product, people want to know if it’s really good or not.

While everyone has different taste buds, most agree that plant-based shrimp is a winner.

It tastes, looks, and feels like the real deal and can be used to mimic any recipe that uses “real” shrimps.

Can you eat vegan shrimp raw?

Although they don’t utilize “real” crustaceans, they should still be cooked before being consumed.

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