Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?

Toothsome, cheesy, and very soft… what comes to your mind?

Yes, that’s right, cottage cheese is a healthy dairy product packed with vitamins and minerals and has quickly become everyone’s favorite. 

Today, we will answer one pressing question that troubles many: can you freeze cottage cheese?

Our guide will help you decide if a soft and moist pack of fresh cottage cheese deserves a spot in your freezer!

Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?

Yes, you can freeze cottage cheese for up to 6 months, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Like other dairy products, freezing cottage cheese can deteriorate its flavor and texture. 

Dairy products, including soft cheese like ricotta cheese, have a short shelf life and go rancid if stored for long periods. 

Once you freeze cottage cheese and it thaws, its consistency and flavor change, making it unsuitable for most recipes and cooked dishes. 

This means you need to be particular about storing and thawing it before consuming it.

Does Frozen Cottage Cheese Go Bad?

Yes, frozen cottage cheese can go bad. While theoretically, if frozen at 0 degrees, it should last you indefinitely, that doesn’t happen.

It has a high water concentration, and freezing it for long periods causes the water to separate from the milk fat. 

This makes the consistency go bad. But thawed cottage cheese works excellent for cooked dishes.

Its chunkier texture mixes well with other ingredients to make delicious food, like sauces for pasta and creamy pies. 

Also, thawed cheese is better than a fresh one if you want to make creamy smoothies this summer. 

And if you’re looking to add some twist to your breakfast, know that defrosted cottage cheese also makes some of the most delectable pancakes.

You can also look for more recipes to use your leftover cheese; you can use just half a cup for extra moisture.

Also, you’ll be able to tell that your cottage cheese has gone bad from miles away with its bad smell and the taste (if you dare to try it).

How Long Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?

If you’re still wondering, does cottage cheese freeze well? It does not. But yes, you can store it in the freezer to extend its shelf life.

Typically, you can freeze it for 4-6 months. 

An unopened cottage cheese packet can last for around 3-6 months in the freezer. But note this will experience a loss in flavor and texture over time. 

A packet of frozen and opened cottage cheese will last for 5-7 days before it starts to go bad if stored in the refrigerator. 

Its type also influences how long and well you can freeze it. For example, whole-fat cottage cheese is a popular choice as it freezes better than low-fat cottage cheese options. 

The extra fat helps maintain the creamy texture compared to low fat options. This also makes it an excellent choice for delicious recipes.

Another factor that influences how well it freezes is curd size. Large curd cottage cheese, for example, is known to freeze better than a small curd.

And even though most experts recommend against freezing it, if done right, you can still store your leftover cottage cheese safely in the freezer with some tips.

Freezing Cottage Cheese The Right Way: Top Tips 

Soft cheeses are typically harder to freeze than harder cheeses and other foods. Still, their texture also makes them more popular than other cheeses. 

But follow the simple freezing method below to get the most out of your frozen cheese.

Freeze It In Portions 

Before storing cottage cheese in the freezer, you need to make portions. Add the bits (smaller portions are recommended) to an airtight container before subjecting them to the freezing process.

You can also add cottage cheese portions to a freezer bag to prevent freezer burn.

Seal The Bags

Once you have added the cheese to freezer bags (they take less space than containers), seal them up properly to avoid ending up with spoiled cottage cheese. 

Sealing the freezer bags will prevent any excess air from coming into contact – we need to remove as much air as possible.

Place it in the freezer

Add the entire container or bags of frozen cheese to a safe space inside your freezer. 

Some additional tips: 

  • When you defrost or thaw cottage cheese, drain the excess liquid to get the best taste and texture. 
  • Place your container inside a sealed, airtight bag if you haven’t used it already.
  • Even if you end up with lumpy cheese, don’t worry. The heat from the cooking process will blend it thoroughly.

How To Defrost Cottage Cheese?

The best way to thaw it is by placing it in a fridge overnight. Once it has thawed, remove your cottage cheese portion from the sealed bags or container and place it in a clean, dry dish before cooking.

Another alternative to thaw your frozen cottage cheese is to place the original container in cold water for a few hours.

To get some of the consistency of your thawed cottage cheese back, add sour cream to it. Stir the sour cream and cheese mixture well until you have achieved your targeted taste and consistency.

Now comes the fun part. When you have finally thawed cottage cheese, you can use it to make Italian dishes, especially pasta dishes. 

But some people prefer to pair it simply with fresh fruits for a healthy and tasty snack.

But defrosted cottage cheese is also perfect for use in casseroles in baked dishes, so keep your creative juices flowing.


Does Freezing Cottage Cheese Ruin It?

While freezing it does not affect its nutrient value; frozen cheese doesn’t have the same flavor and texture as a fresh one. 

How Do You Make Cottage Cheese Last Longer? 

To make it last longer, you can store it in sealed bags and place them in the freezer. Unopened cottage cheese for example, can last upto two weeks.

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