What Food Is Colorado Known For?

Colorado is known for many things, from the stunning Rocky Mountains to the Coors Brewery – and so much more.

But while learning about Colorado, plenty of people wonder – what food is Colorado most known for? What are some of the must-try items?

Below, you will find the top 8 famous dishes that you need to try when passing through the area.

What Food Is Colorado Known For? 8 Famous Colorado Foods

If you’re going to one of the many wonderful restaurants in Colorado, you need to know what to order – especially if you’re looking for famous Colorado foods.

That’s why I’ve pinpointed the top eight dishes you can find on almost any restaurant menu in CO. 

1. Rocky Mountain Oysters

Most people have heard about rocky mountain oysters but don’t know what they actually “are.”

The rumors are true, folks: rocky mountain oysters are deep-fried testicles from a bison, bull, or calf.

These deep-fried testes are typically served alongside a tasty cocktail sauce.

Surprisingly enough, this Colorado favorite wasn’t designed in the Rocky Mountains. Rather, this is a ranch treat that is now known and loved by millions.

2. Colorado Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, right? If you’re a fan of deep-dish pizzas, you will fall head over heels for Colorado-style pizza.

This pizza originated at Beau Jo’s or Idaho Springs, CO, and instantly became one of the most famous Colorado foods.

These amazing pizzas can weigh up to five pounds. They’re loaded with an immense amount of cheese and a shocking number of toppings, creating a genuinely satisfying plate.

If you’re looking for the perfect dinner to share with the entire family, Colorado pizza is 100% recommended. See if you can get through just one slice without getting full!

3. Colorado Green Chili (Chilli Verde)

Do you enjoy spicy food? Then the Colorado green chile might be for you.

This delightful dish is sure to take your taste buds to new heights (and is super popular in Southern Colorado).

The plate is typically sold as a plate with pork, covered in the classic green chile sauce (made with cooked pueblo green chiles, tomatillos, and tomatoes).

This dish can also be enjoyed vegetarian or mild, although the “classic” dish will be fiery and spicy to spark up your flavor palate.

4. Olathe Sweet Corn

Are you looking for something to cool down your tongue after enjoying green chili? Consider indulging in Olathe sweet corn!

You might think corn can’t be on the list of “famous foods;” it is just corn.

But don’t knock it till you try it! This corn is shockingly sweet. It’s almost as if you’re sinking your teeth into a dessert rather than a veggie-loaded with nutrients.

You will want to add this sweet corn from Western Colorado as a side wherever you go!

5. Colorado Lamb

If you’re a fan of lamb or have never tried lamb, I highly suggest visiting Colorado to try one of their incredible lamb dishes.

Colorado lamb is known for being super tender yet with a rich flavor that is undeniably pleasant.

There are many ways to enjoy lamb. You can go for a succulent dish like pot-roasted lamb with black olives or try a spicy version that’s doused in cajun.

Regardless of which lamb meets your palate, your taste buds will surely be delighted.

6. Denver Omelet

We’ve discussed plenty of dinners, appetizers, and side dishes, but what about breakfast?

When it comes to breakfast, there is nothing quite like the Denver omelet.

This amazing omelet comes jam-packed with ingredients to ensure a hardy and tasty morning fill-up.

Inside every Denver omelet,  you will find an assortment of green peppers, mushrooms, onions, diced ham pieces, and cheese.

If you really want to get a sense of Colorado fare, don’t forget to smother it in the famous green chile sauce!

7. Palisade Peaches

When you want something fresh, tender, and delightful to snack on, don’t hesitate to reach for a Palisade Peach.

This yummy fruit will be the tastiest peach you have ever sunk your teeth into. Not to mention it’s packed with nutrients to keep you energized. 

Coloradans love these on their own, although they’re commonly used in various treats, from pies to pastries.

Don’t love peaches but want fruit? Try the rocky ford cantaloupe instead!

8. Craft Beer

Alright, so beer isn’t exactly “food,” but people in Colorado Springs (and other areas) might tell you otherwise.

When discussing famous things from Colorado, you simply can’t finish the list without mentioning their delicious craft beers.

Colorado Springs in itself is home to over 30 breweries so that you can find the perfect beer to complement all of your favorite Colorado dishes.

Whether you want a refreshing beer to pair with your Palisade peaches or want a milder taste to combat the spicy green chile, you can rely on Colorado’s incredible beer selection to see you through.


What Is the State Dessert of Colorado?

The state dessert of the Centennial State is, of course, a peach cobbler. 

These juicy, delectable cobblers are made from peaches from the Palisades, ensuring you get the absolute best peach cobbler of your entire life.

When heading to Colorado for a vacation, don’t forget to order a peach cobbler for after dinner!

What is Denver-style Pizza?

Denver-style pizza is no different than the “Colorado” pizza. These pizzas are impressively thick and come with so many toppings you really only need one slice to be satisfied.

Did Colorado Invent the Cheeseburger?

It is said that the cheeseburger was, in fact, invented in Colorado. So, if you’re looking for a dish you know you will love that’s true to Colorado’s heritage, you can take the easy route and indulge in one of their burgers. Yum!

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