The Trick to Keep Meatballs from Falling Apart

For some people, meatballs are the ultimate comfort food. They’re delicious and easy to make which is why they’re often on the menu for a week night or holiday dinners, but what’s a good way to keep them from falling apart? There is one ultimate trick you can use that will ensure your meatballs stay together and don’t crumble when you eat them!

The Short answer

The short answer to make meatballs stick together is by using eggs and bread crumbs. The egg(s) and breadcrumbs will act as glue after the meatballs are cooked but always cook your meatball for at least 10 minutes in salted water before grilling, frying, or cooking with them (this protects your meatballs from falling apart).

Our step by step plan

In order to avoid the pitfalls of not knowing what you’re doing or finding yourself in over your head, this step-by-step plan will show you how to make meatballs like a pro! Follow these steps carefully and enjoy making delicious meatballs that won’t fall apart while cooking them.

The correct temperature

When you make meatballs, one of the most common mistakes people make is to start mixing your minced meat without giving the meat a little time out of the fridge. The reason for this is that because when you mix the meat too quickly, it is too difficult to handle and doesn’t mix properly.

So give the meat 10 to 20 minutes before you start mixing up those meatballs!

Mix the meat


In order to make meatballs like a pro, your starting point is with the minced meat. You want to take For every 500gr/18 ounces minced meat use 1 egg and 125 grams/1 cup of bread crumbs. Once you have these ready, follow these directions carefully:

  • Put the meat in a bowl.
  • Add your egg(s) and bread crumbs into the same bowl
  • Stir them together until every this is mixed together.

Roll the meatballs


Rolling meatballs is a lot easier than you might think. Just take some of the mixture and shape it into small balls between your hands.

Pro tip: Wetting your hands before you start rolling those meatballs will help prevent the mixture from sticking to your hands.

Last but not least


This is the last step to make those meatballs perfect. Simply cook them in salted water for 5-10 minutes and you’re done!

Now you can store your meatballs for later use or start cooking your dish.

Kitchen tools you’ll need

Cooking is about more than just the food, it’s also a way to express our creativity. In order for us to cook like pros, we need tools that help make life easier and less stressful when preparing delicious dishes.

  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (Set of 6) 
  • Meat Grinder Electric
  • GOTHAM STEEL 5 Quart Multipurpose Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid & Twist and Lock Handles


With these guidelines, you’ll be able to avoid common mistakes like not letting your meat rest before mixing. This blog post is perfect if you’re looking for recipes or are just interested in learning more about this topic! We hope it helps with future food preparation endeavors as well! If you want even more beefy content, check out our other posts on this site by clicking here. Or if you have questions leave a comment below.

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