How To Cut Mozzarella With Ease

The number of times we’ve left mozzarella off a cheeseboard because we’re too nervous about tackling it and making a fool of ourselves in front of guests whilst we cut it is frankly ridiculous.

And since you’re searching for how to cut mozzarella today, we expect you’re in the same boat as us.

So, because we’re good citizens and we want to be able to enjoy mozzarella whenever we please, here are 7 ways to cut mozzarella with ease.

If you’ve been neglecting this deliciously creamy cheese for so long, because you too stress about cutting it, then you’re in the right place!

The Secret On How To Cut Mozzarella With Ease

Cutting Mozzarella: Before We Start

The secret to success is having the right tool for the job! With hard cheese, it’s easy to just grab any old knife from your kitchen collection and hack away at it.

Nobody will bat an eyelid if you bring out a meat cleaver, so long as the job gets done. Soft cheese is easy too.

Your guests won’t care if they’re using a butter knife, spoon, or their own fingers to spread the cheese on their crackers.

OK, maybe they’d care if they had to use their fingers, but you get our point.

Mozzarella, though, is unforgiving. You try cutting up a ball of mozzarella cheese with just any old knife from your kitchen and you’ll be laughed right off the dining table.

So you’ll need to be prepared with the right tool for the job, but what exactly does that tool look like?

Well, unfortunately for us, we’ve not yet come across a specific mozzarella cheese knife, but there are some properties you need to look out for when deciding which cheese slicing weapon you’ll use from your arsenal.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Something sharp
  • Something that can slice things thinly
  • Something delicate (no meat cleavers for mozzarella, please)

If you can source something that meets all three requirements, then you’ve mastered the mozzarella already.

But sometimes you have to settle for something that matches only one or two, and that’s OK as well, so long as you act decisively.

Show your mozzarella fear, and it will mock you. But fret not, because we’ve already tried and tested a bunch of options, and below, we’ll share with you our absolute favorites!

How To Cut Mozzarella

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk methods, shall we? Use any of the ways we suggest below, and you’ll become a master mozzarella slicer before you know it!

Here are 7 ways to help you cut a perfect slice of mozzarella:

Method #1: Using Floss

Floss, who’d have thought it, right? It’s actually one of the best ways to cut your mozzarella.

You can either stretch it in a line and simply push it through the mozzarella until you get a thin slice, or you can wrap it completely around the cheese, and then pull, forming the perfect circle.

Now, there is a knack to this, though, and simply jumping in with a lot of force won’t help. You need to ease the floss through the cheese to prevent it from breaking.

Method #2: Using Serrated Cheese Knife

A serrated cheese knife is another good idea, although you might still struggle to get perfect slices.

If you just want to get the job done, though, then a serrated cheese knife will work great.

Remember to be gentle, because mozzarella has a tendency to fall apart under too much pressure (relatable).

Just allow the serrated knife to glide through the mozzarella with a little force, and you’ll be able to cut the cheese whilst looking competent, which is all we’re really looking for.

Method #3: Using Cheese Slicer

Remember how we said the right tool for the job is important, well a cheese slicer is pretty much that tool. Yes, it can be a little awkward to use on softer mozzarellas, but it’ll still get the job done.

Just allow the cheese slicer to guide you again. These tools are all designed to slice cheese quite thinly and very effectively with just a little pressure from you.

A cheese slicer is a great option for mozzarella, and it’ll help you create neat slices without making too much of a mess.

The Secret On How To Cut Mozzarella With Ease

Method #4: Using Cheese Wire

Cheese wire is another example of a tool that works well with mozzarella.

You can even get cheese wire blocks now, that come in a rectangular shape, and all you need to do is push the whole thing down over a mozzarella ball or block of cheese, and it’ll cut everything into perfectly even, neat slices in seconds.

If you don’t have the cheese wire block, regular cheese wire will do. It basically works exactly as floss will, only it’s specifically designed for cheese.

Just use your cheese wire and a little pressure to slice your mozzarella as thinly as you like.

Method #5: Using Boning Knife

A boning knife is uniquely suited to cutting mozzarella, and it was a revolution to us when we first used it too.

The flexible blade is remarkably sharp, as you’d expect it to be for removing meat from bones.

With just a little force, your boning knife will glide right through any mozzarella, whether it’s hard or soft, and help produce perfect slices every time.

The flexible blade works especially well with softballs of mozzarella too, which can sometimes be a little sticky on other knives, but a boning knife can just wobble right out of there and go again!

Method #6: By Using Chef Knife

Chef knives are also a good option, although we won’t lie and say it’s the best. They will just smoothly slice any mozzarella.

If you’re planning on using them for cutting mozzarella, make sure you’ve used a diamond and honing steel recently with your knives to get a perfectly sharp edge.

If you don’t have sharp chef knives or a steel to sharpen them, we’d recommend using some of the other tips today.

Method #7: Using Egg Slicer

Egg slicer works pretty much exactly like the cheese wire block we spoke about earlier, only this one is on a smaller scale and is especially well suited to mozzarella balls, rather than mozzarella blocks.

Just pop the ball of mozzarella into the egg slicer like you would with a hard-boiled egg, and then close the device.

Once you lift it up again, you’ll have perfectly even slices of mozzarella ready to use however you like!

So, however you decide to give it a go, just remember all mozzarella needs is something sharp, thin, and/or delicate, and you’ll already be on to a winner.

Mozzarella, welcome back to the cheeseboard. We missed you.

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