How to Best Serve Truffle Burrata

Burrata has always been a beloved Italian cheese, but in recent years it has risen in popularity in countries like the United States. This creamy semi-soft cheese is made similarly to mozzarella, but is taken a step further by adding fresh cream to the inside. Between its fresh milky flavor and creamy texture, burrata is seen as an elegant cheese to eat atop salads, toast, or on its own with a drizzle of olive oil.

truffle burrata

While burrata has traditionally been served without any crazy additions, companies have discovered that truffles make a flawless accompaniment to fresh burrata. Many of the burrata brands sold at specialty grocery stores are now coming out with truffle versions of burrata, whether they include the truffles themselves or truffle oil for the extra oomph of umami flavor.

What is Truffle Burrata?

With another layer of soft, stringy mozzarella and an interior of milky, buttery cream that oozes out when cut open, burrata makes the perfect vessel for truffles. Because the cheese itself is so light and fresh in flavor, the pungent umami notes of fresh truffle makes the perfect complement. Some people serve truffles on top of the burrata like a fragrant salsa, but my favorite way to eat truffle burrata is by chopping up the truffles and incorporating them right into the center of the creamy burrata.

Best Ways to Serve Truffle Burrata

Truffle burrata is best served fresh and at room temperature. It makes for a fantastic dish whether you decide to make it the striking centerpiece of a cheese board, turn it into the star of a caprese sandwich, or eat it simply by itself to enjoy it in all of its fresh, creamy glory. No matter what you choose to eat truffle burrata with, it’s bound to be the star of any dish it’s in.

You can serve truffle burrata at your next dinner party, bridal shower, Sunday brunch, or even as an appetizer for a nice dinner for one. The options are endless, but I’m going to help get you started with some of the best recipes to try with your truffle burrata.

How to Store Truffle Burrata

While you can make truffle burrata on your own, you can also find it at many Italian supermarkets, specialty grocery stores, and gourmet cheese shops. To store fresh truffle burrata, you should first wrap it completely in plastic wrap so that it’s airtight with no holes that would allow air to enter the cheese. If your fridge has crisper drawers, keep the burrata in one of those. Truffle burrata can be kept in the fridge for up to five days, but for ultimate freshness it is recommended that you eat fresh burrata within the first two days of making or buying it.

Here are some of the best ways to serve truffle burrata:

  • A Truffle Burrata Cheese Board that comes together easily and guarantees to impress your guests with its insanely delicious flavors and vibrant colors
  • A stunning Burrata Salsa Tartufata that sounds and looks incredibly elegant, but comes together quickly and without hassle
  • A Truffle Burrata Caprese Panini (try saying that five times fast!) that is a major upgrade from any caprese sandwich you’ve had in the past
  • A mouthwatering Truffle Burrata Panzanella with cheesy toasted croutons, juicy heirloom tomatoes, sweet strawberries, and fresh basil that come together for the ultimate flavor explosion
  • A fresh and easy Truffle Burrata that melts in your mouth and can be served with charcuterie, fresh bread, on top of a salad, or by itself
  • A Prosciutto Appetizer with Truffle Burrata packed with a balance of fresh and savory flavors for a lavish yet simple dish that makes the perfect start to any extraordinary meal
  • An ooey gooey Truffle Burrata Flatbread that is bursting with flavor and comes together in just fifteen minutes for an incredible meal you won’t forget
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