How to Bake Without an Oven

Baking is a process that many people enjoy, but what if you don’t have an oven or you’re oven broke? Don’t worry, because there are many ways to bake without an oven. You can use an outdoor grill, a solar oven, or even a simple pot on the stove. In this article, we will discuss how to bake without an oven using each of these methods.

How to Bake Without an Oven

First thing you should do.

If your oven breaks, the first thing you should do is have it fixed as soon as possible. It’s true that life without an oven may be difficult, so doing everything you can to repair it before using alternatives is well worth it.

Baking may appear to be an impossible task if, despite your best efforts, your oven is out of commission. However, that isn’t always the case. While it is difficult and far from ideal, there are ways to cook without an oven.

6 different ways to bake without your oven

You’ve tried to repair your oven, but it doesn’t appear to be working, so let’s look at a few options for starting to bake without an oven.

Using your microwave

If you have a microwave, there is a world of microwavable baking recipes just waiting to be discovered, especially if your microwave has a convection option.

The basic mug cake is a good example, as it is simple to execute, nevertheless, the list does not stop there. In reality, you may cook a wide range of items in the microwave, including bread and pizza as well as cakes and brownies.

A silicone Bundt pan is well worth investing in if you’re looking to learn more about microwave baking. Metal dishes are clearly not suitable for use in the microwave, yet the hole in the center of the Bundt pan allows it to cook all the way through.


Cooktops and stoves, as we all know, offer easy heat to a flat surface, making them ideal for boiling pasta, frying eggs, and bacon, or stir-frying in a wok. They’re not designed for baking.

That isn’t to say they can’t do it!

You’ll need a LARGE piece of cookware. A super-sized pot, with a tight-fitting lid, that is big enough to accommodate smaller pieces of cookware inside. Stick one of these on the stovetop and set your baking tin inside. The heat from the stovetop will warm up the air within the larger piece, causing it to circulate the hot air around the tin.

Of course, if too much heat is applied to the bottom of your pot, this sophisticated system will precisely replicate the effects of using only a frying pan, with a crispy or burned base and an uncooked top. You’ll want to use some sort of spacer between the bottom of the pot and your baking tin or tray so that hot air may circulate and cook your food better.

A wire rack is ideal, but we’ve also seen examples of people using stones, ceramic tile fragments, or even sand to keep the baking tin away from the hot base. Make sure whatever you use is heatproof and will not break!

The trusty slow cooker

Slow cookers are under-appreciated and under-utilized, yet they’re a fantastic outside-the-box idea when it comes to baking. Slow cookers may be used to make a wide range of bread and delectable desserts, including cakes, puddings, and pies, as well as brownies, cookies, and crumbles.

If you line the slow cooker with parchment paper or place your ingredients in a silicone pan (or a metal cake/loaf tin), baking in a slow cooker is simple.

A pressure cooker

The pressure cooker, like the slow cooker, may also be used to cook a wide range of foods, yet it is frequently neglected.

Whether you want to make bread, sweets, or anything else that comes to mind when you think about baking in a pressure cooker, it’s likely that you can accomplish it. It can also be used to prepare cheesecake, and it frequently cooks more evenly than conventional oven methods.

Furthermore, pressure cookers don’t dawdle when it comes to cooking times, and you may have the finished dish in your hands within 30 minutes. You could have delicious baked goodness on your table in no time if you follow the directions meticulously and do everything by the book!

A rice cooker

Our modest rice cooker is capable of much more than just making rice. And the best part is that it’s available to most homes as an inexpensive and well-respected device.

If you’re considering creating something complicated, this may not be the best tool for the job. You might, however, use it to make a “simple cake.”

Rice cookers allow you to speed up the process of cooking without sacrificing quality. Cooking time is reduced, but the texture of cakes baked in a rice cooker is different from that produced in an oven. Finally, we recommend combining your ingredients before putting them in the rice cooker for better results.

There are several rice cookers on the market that include a bake function, but it’s enough to set a timer for two to five minutes. A cake takes from two to five minutes to cook in a rice cooker.

Dutch oven

A Dutch oven is one of the most versatile cooking appliances you’ll ever come across. It’s constructed of extremely heavy and durable cast iron, and if properly maintained, it may successfully cook food at a specific temperature. As a result, it’s ideal for utilizing in your campsite or on your backyard grill outside.

The fact that baking in a Dutch oven does not necessitate an open fire may or may not come as news to you. To keep your fire low and regular, use charcoal briquets or wood.

Once you’ve got a fire going, make and maintain the temperature you need for your meal. You can estimate 10 degrees Fahrenheit per briquet if you’re using charcoal briquets. For example, if you want to cook food at 360 degrees, use 36 charcoal briquets.

It’s also worth noting that halfway through the baking process, some of the charcoal or wood may need to be replaced. Keep a stack of charcoal or wood on hand when doing campfire cooking.

How to Bake Without an Oven

Don’t do this long term

While it is feasible to cook without an oven, it is not a long-term solution. Cooking on a daily basis without an oven might be inconvenient and limit your cooking options.

Furthermore, overreliance on pan-frying and microwaves can quickly have a detrimental influence on your health and put a big dent in your waistline.


Baking without an oven can be a challenge, but with some creativity and the right tools, it’s possible to create delicious baked goods. In this post, we’ve shared six kitchen tools that you can use to bake without an oven. We’ve also provided tips on how to best use these tools for baking success. So don’t let not having an oven stop you from enjoying your favorite baked treats–try out one of these methods today!

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