How to Cook Perfect Lobster at Home: Life’s Simplest, Most Delicious Pleasure.

Lobster is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and cooking it at home makes it even more delicious. Cooked lobsters are a great way to entertain family or friends on the weekend or for date night! This blog post will explore how to cook lobster with the best methods possible.


What size of pot do you need when cooking lobster?

When buying lobster, the most important thing to remember is that it needs to be alive when you purchase them. When lobsters die without cooking their meat starts decomposing quickly which makes for a bad meal.

It is a good thing to remember when cooking lobster, make sure the pot you are using is large enough so that you can completely immerse your lobster in water, and also ensures it cooks evenly.

Cooking lobster should be in a court-bouillon

Never cook lobster in plain water! The secret to a great lobster is the court-bouillon. Court bouillon is water combined with carrots, lemon, onion, bouquet garni (a combination of herbs), white wine, pepper, and salt then cooked for about 25 minutes before adding your lobster.

Did your court-bouillon come out well? You’re ready to start boiling lobsters now!

You’re all set to start cooking your lobster

The rich, savory court-bouillon is ready now you can start cooking your lobster. This isn’t hard if you follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure you have a boiling court-bouillon in a large enough pot to fit your lobster.
  2. Place the live lobster(s) headfirst in one at a time. Make sure they are submerged completely.
  3. After you submerge the lobster(s) in boiling water, wait for it to start bubbling again before starting your timer, and be sure to keep an eye on the heat so that there is a steady boil.
  4. Boil for 5-10 minutes. (check the timetable below)
  5. Carefully remove these lobsters from the pot with tongs.

Time chart for all the different sizes of lobsters:

This cooking chart is a great resource to avoid over-or undercooking your lobster.

Lobster SizeBoiling Times
1 lb. lobster5-6 minutes
1 ¼ pound lobster7-8 minutes
1-1/2 lb. lobster8-9 minutes
2 lb. lobster 10-12 minutes
3 lb. lobster12-14 minutes
5-6 lb. lobster18-20 minutes

3 different ways to reheat already cooked lobster.

There are three different ways to prepare your already cooked lobster. You can either have a grilled lobster, a steamed one, or one baked in the oven with butter and lemon juice for extra flavor.

Before we start you need these kitchen tools

  • Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan
  • Baking Sheet with Rack Set
  • Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer, One Size, Stainless Steel

Oven-baked lobster

How do you cook already cooked lobster in the oven:

  1. Preheat the oven to approximately 350° Fahrenheit or 180° Celsius.
  2. Cut the lobster in half length-wise on a big cutting board.
  3. Place the lobster in an oven-safe dish with the meat side up. Add some liquid to keep your lobster moist and juicy, butter or stock, and cover with aluminum foil.
  4. Heat for 10 minutes or until the lobster is heated through.

Grilling your already cooked lobster

When grilling your already cooked lobster, it’s important you have a variety of different flavored kinds of butter on hand to cover the meat after grilling.

  1. Before you start grilling your cooked lobster, cut it in half length-wise.
  2. Use high-quality butter to coat the lobster meat.
  3. If you’re grilling on a bbq or in a grilling pan, place the half lobster meat down.
  4. You want to grill the lobster until it’s heated through and you see those beautiful grilling marks. Usually, it takes about 5-6 minutes
  5. After the lobster is done grilling coat the meat with some flavorful quality melted butter (we recommend combining melted butter with some herbs and spices)

How do you steam already cooked lobster?


To properly steam already cooked lobster, make sure you only just warm the meat through. Overcooking will cause the lobster meat to become chewy and rubbery in texture.

  1. Cut the lobster in half length-wise. Place it on a steam basket that’s big enough to cover both halves and place them side by side.
  2. Now you can start steaming your lobster at 80°C or 176°F for 5-6 minutes. This will make sure that the meat is heated through and slowly!
  3. Remove the lobster from your steamer and take a few minutes to brush it down with some quality flavored butter.

How to fix your cooked lobster if overcooked

When overcooking a lobster it can become chewy and rubbery there are 2 things you can do about this, you can fix this by cutting the cooked meat into little pieces. These are great as a garnish for any dish! You can also coat the lobster meat in high-quality flavored butter for more flavor and lightly reheat the lobster.

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