How To Reheat A Cheesesteak (Without Drying It Out)

If you have a leftover cheesesteak, then the first thing we need to say is why?

Put a cheesesteak in front of us and we rarely have leftovers. However, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way of our moment of bliss with cheesesteaks and we’re not able to finish them in one sitting.

That makes us sad, and we imagine it’s made you pretty sad too. But before you throw your cheesesteak in the trash in a fit of rage, stop for a moment.

Because there are ways to reheat your cheesesteak whilst keeping all the flavor, quality, and moistness that you wanted to enjoy when you made it or bought it in the first place.


Can You Reheat A Cheesesteak?

Yes! You absolutely can reheat a cheesesteak.

So many people think that once a cheesesteak has been constructed into that delicious sandwich, there’s nothing else you can do – it’s either eat it now or eat it cold.

But that’s just not true. The bread, steak, cheese – all of it can be reheated successfully.

So many people assume you can’t because they think it will end up being dry. Thankfully, we know a thing or two about reheating a cheesesteak sandwich in a way that means it’ll still be delicious.

Follow one of my two methods below, and you’ll have a cheesesteak sandwich that’s still worth eating even after you’ve reheated it! So, let’s look at how to do it.

How To Reheat A Cheesesteak In The Oven

This is my preferred way to reheat a cheesesteak. The microwave option we’ll talk about below isn’t a bad way by any means, but you’ll always get better results with an oven.

But we also know that if you’re planning to take your leftover cheesesteak sandwich to the office for lunch, then the likelihood is you won’t have access to an oven to reheat it.

So really, the oven method is the ideal method and the microwave method is the practical one.

If you’re lucky enough to work from home, have an oven in your office, or you’re having your leftover cheesesteak for dinner instead of lunch, then here’s how to reheat it in the oven for the best results:

  • Keep your leftover cheesesteak sandwich in the refrigerator before you reheat it
  • Take it out, and wrap it in aluminium foil
  • Preheat the oven to around 375 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Once hot, place the aluminium wrapped cheesesteak on a tray in the oven for 20-25 minutes
  • Take out of the oven and allow to sit in the foil for 5 minutes
  • Remove foil and enjoy

So, why the aluminium foil and why the resting time?

Well, wrapping it in foil before putting it in the oven is key to making sure the bread doesn’t burn.

It also helps everything get hot evenly. The reason we rest the sandwich in the foil after reheating it is because the aluminium foil will still reflect heat, keeping the sandwich hot, whilst also giving the steak chance to absorb some of the juices it naturally loses whilst reheating or cooking.

It’s the same reason ALL meat should be rested after cooking or reheating – it gives the juices chance to be reabsorbed and penetrate deeper into the meat.

A NOTE ON FOOD SAFETY: When storing your cheesesteak before reheating it – no matter the method of reheating – you should always make sure it is refrigerated.

This prevents bacteria from growing rapidly and means you can guarantee that the cheesesteak sandwich is safe to eat.

If you’re transporting the cheesesteak from your fridge at home to the office, make sure you use a cooler bag or something similar to keep it cold whilst en route.


If you want to reheat your cheesesteak sandwich with no risk of it drying out, then the oven method is the ideal way to go. But like we’ve already mentioned, it isn’t the only way…

How To Reheat A Cheesesteak In The Microwave

Now, if you’ve found other tips online, then there will be some mixed messaging about whether you should use a microwave or not.

Will it give you the best results? No. But we’ve always tried to position ourselves as people that can help you solve food related problems where you’re at right now.

We know it isn’t practical to tell you the oven is the only way.

Yes, it’s the best way, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t eat a cheesesteak sandwich that was reheated in the microwave. In fact, it’s probably the way we do it the most.

Does reheating a cheesesteak sandwich in the microwave make it dry? A little, yes.

But it doesn’t make it inedible or any less pleasant. A cheesesteak is a thing of beauty, and it would take some sort of nuclear energy to make it so dry that it wasn’t worth eating.

Besides, we also have a trick to make it a little moister that will quite literally change your life if you’re somebody who has to reheat things in the microwave often.

Ready to find out how? Then here it is:

  • Keep your leftover cheesesteak sandwich in the refrigerator before you reheat it
  • Take it out and place on a microwavable plate
  • EITHER place a damp paper towel over the top of the cheesesteak
  • OR place a small saucer of water on a plate next to the cheesesteak
  • Microwave on a high heat for 3 minutes
  • Enjoy!

The damp paper towel or the water trick is the key to keeping the sandwich moist. It’ll lock in the natural juices and prevent the cheesesteak from being nuked and drying out.

Points To Remember

The microwave method might not be the best method, but when you’ve got no other option, it’ll still produce a moist, delicious reheated cheesesteak sandwich that you’ll want to savor with every bite!

No matter which method you use, you’ll still get a tasty sandwich at the end of it.

Don’t let food snobs trick you into thinking a microwave never works, because with a few helpful tips and tricks, it can be a convenient, quick, and tasty way to reheat your food.

Whichever method you try though, remember us when you’re enjoying your deliciously moist cheesesteak sandwich, and head back here whenever you like to remind yourself of the two methods so you never have to face a dry lunch when reheating a cheesesteak sandwich again!

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