Cottage Cheese Substitute: Top 11 Alternatives

Whether you’re making savory recipes like lasagna or something sweet, cottage cheese is a must-have ingredient.

But what if you don’t have any cottage cheese on hand? Do you have to say sayonara to those sweet and savory dishes?

Not exactly.

There are many cottage cheese alternatives that will taste great – you won’t even notice that the cottage cheese is missing.

Below, you will find our very best substitutes for cottage cheese!

Cottage Cheese Substitute: Top 11 Alternatives

Need to replace cottage cheese? We’ve got you covered. Below are our top six picks to substitute cottage cheese.

1. Ricotta Cheese

When it comes to a substitute for cottage cheese, ricotta is the best option.

Ricotta has a similar texture and taste to cottage cheese, except it has a creamy texture. Think if you blenderized cottage cheese – that’s what ricotta cheese is like.

You can use ricotta cheese in all your favorite dishes, from pasta sauces to dessert recipes. It tastes incredibly wonderful in pasta fillings and other Italian dishes.

2. Mascarpone Cheese

Are you making sweet recipes and need a cottage cheese replacement to bring them to life? Consider mascarpone cheese!

Mascarpone is an excellent option in dessert recipes where the recipe calls for cottage cheese.

The only difference is that mascarpone has a slightly more intense flavor compared to the mild flavor of cottage cheese. However, it can still be used in a 1:1 ratio.

3. Greek Yogurt

You can replace pureed cottage cheese with Greek yogurt (or plain yogurt) in recipes for sauces and dips.

However, if you use yogurt in baked dishes, you will want to lower the water content.

Greek yogurt has a high moisture content that can alter the result of your baked dish.

4. Cream Cheese

Another excellent option for pureed recipes, like cheesecake, is cream cheese.

Yes, cream cheese has a more robust, tangier flavor compared to the mild taste of cottage cheese.

Regardless, many people like the slightly more powerful flavor that cream cheese adds to a dish. So go ahead and give it a go!

5. Fromage Blanc

Fromage blanc is the less popular substitute for cottage cheese simply because it may be more challenging to find at the grocery store.

It’s one of the best cottage cheese substitutes for dips and spreads, though it’s commonly referred to as “buttery Greek yogurt.”

Simply mix your favorite seasonings and spices into the Fromage blanc (Italian cheese) and enjoy!

6. Whipped Heavy Cream

Whipped heavy cream.. As a substitute for cottage cheese? While these two types of cheeses may seem like nothing alike, they can be used in a 1:1 ratio, especially for sweet dishes.

As you may already know, heavy cream that is whipped with has a much sweeter flavor compared to traditional cottage cheese taste.

It also has a much more airy consistency.

While sweetness and a light and airy consistency are not dealbreakers, it’s certainly something to consider. 

For instance, it shouldn’t be used in baked recipes as the sweet flavor and consistency won’t mesh.

7. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese makes a great substitute for cottage cheese, although it does not have a very mild flavor. It’s much bolder, but it’s a wonderful option for many recipes – especially dips and spreads.

8. Goat Cheese

If you’re specifically looking for a good substitute for cooking recipes such as an egg white omelet, pasta dishes, or any other savory dish, goat cheese is the top pick.

Goat’s cheese is a great cottage cheese alternative because it has the same texture. It’s slightly tangier but doesn’t affect cooked recipes too much.

It’s also a good cottage cheese substitute for those that want to indulge in a low-fat content and low-protein replacement.

9. White Bean Puree

Do you want to replace cottage cheese with a vegan-friendly substitute? Then ditch the fresh cheese made with cow’s milk, skim milk, or any other dairy.

Instead? Opt for white bean puree.

Simply pull out a can of white beans and puree it until it has a smooth texture.

Then, add it to your favorite recipes. It works exceptionally well for pasta stuffings.

10. Silken Tofu

Another vegan-friendly swap for store-bought cottage cheese is tofu.

Tofu is an excellent option because, when mashed, it mimics the crumbly and white cheese your recipe is calling for.

Aside from having an impeccable cottage cheese texture, tofu also has a tame flavor that can easily be used in any recipe.

Lastly, tofu is loaded with nutrients and is a high-protein pick if those kinds of things are important to you.

11. Homemade Cottage Cheese

Did you know you can make your own cottage cheese? 

All you need to do is boil milk, add vinegar and salt, and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then, strain it through a cheesecloth. Run it under cold water and knead it. Dump it out and break it up.

If you want creamy cheese with a creamy soft texture, you can add some heavy cream to the mix.


Can Yoghurt Be Substituted for Cottage Cheese?

You can use yogurt as cottage cheese substitutes. It works incredibly well in dips, spreads, and dressings.

If used in a cooked recipe, you need to lower the moisture content to avoid oversaturating the plate.

Can I Substitute Sour Cream for Cottage Cheese?

Yes, sour cream is essentially cottage cheese mixed with some lemon juice, so it can be used in a 1:1 ratio.

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