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Our Promise To You is: Cooking chef like recipes without cooking skills and the recipes we’ll send are weekly and completely free.

Hi there,  I’m Robbe the Founder of thecookingbar.com.

Since 2012, I’ve been a professional chef in kitchens around the world, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Today I’m going to share with you some of what I’ve discovered—info that will help you calculate the meassurments and serving, get the best quality recipes created by a professional chef and never have to buy or search for recipes and a cookbooks again..

With these FREE weekly interactive recipes I’ve created just for you , you’ll get:

No stress about what to cook for lunch or dinner.

These recipes are created with all metrix systems in the world so you don’t have to calculate a thing!

Doesn’t matter if you’re cooking for 2 people or for 10, the serving will adjust themselves.

We make sure the recipes are easy to cook by eliminating difficult techniques and using easy tricks to make sure your result is always PERFECT.

Go for it…If you want to learn how to cook out of the box recipes and learn using food combinations you’ll never thought of, or ,
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“When I first heard about Interactive recipes, I thought it sounded super easy. A recipe that calculates the servings and measurement on it’s own? I loved this, but I worried if it worked. I didn’t want to waste all those ingridients if it didn’t…
Fortunately, I tried these Interactive recipes and I loved the results. Thecookingbar putted a lot of effort and knowledge in these recipes. The recipes are super easy to use and navigate, even the step by step system they use to cook the recipes are beginner friendly.

Nancy J.
“I love these Interactive recipes, because they are easy to use and navigate. These recipes are so easy to use are super beginner friendly. While it seems like any other recipe, IT ISN’T. I have to say these recipes are the easiest and most beginner friendly recipes I ever have used.”

Jessica P.
Administrative worker
“I tried these Interactive recipes, because I was tired searching for recipes and spending a lot of money on cookbooks with little recipes in them… Thecookingbar.com helped by making it super easy to cook and calculate recipes. The results were amazing!
One thing I really liked was the professional quality of the recipes.
The experience every time I cooked a recipe was amazing and stress-free.
When I serve those amazing dishes I feeled so proud! I would recommend thecookingbar’s recipes to anyone who struggles with calculating how much ingridients you need and calculating the measurements!”

Mike M.

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